September 10, 2012

Wise chimes in on Army's loss to SDSU

For college coaches, recruiting is an interesting dynamic to ones' job description. Where there is no absolute or clear measurement relative to what a 17-18 year old high school senior will decide to do come "decision" time. With so many variables involved, combined with so many opinions (e.g., high school coach, parents, friends, etc.), along with having college options ... some recruiters feel they might have better luck at the roulette table in Vegas than trying to determine what a prospect might eventually decide.

However, one variable that can sway a prospect's decision is the product on the field and Saturday, the Army coaching staff wish they could erase the performance and outcome from the memories of those 2013 recruits who might have caught their game against San Diego State.

Perhaps they could utilize the Neuralyzer from the "Men In Black" movie and cash in on a 'do-over'. Well unfortunately, Neuralyzers and Do-Overs don't exist in college football. However, what does exist is the next game and for Army, that means taking on visiting Northern Illinois and an opportunity to redeem their 2011 lose to the Huskies, as well as get the 2012 season on the winning track.

One such prospects is DeAndre Wise, who is high on Army's recruiting list and who has the Black Knights atop his list of schools is.

The 6-foot-2, 280 pound offensive center out of Alpharetta (Ga.) Alpharetta High School took a few moments to discuss his season, the Army Black Knights and his recruiting.

"I watched the game against San Diego State and I wasn't too happy with the outcome," declares Wise. "I was saying to myself that fit in good with Army's offense. If I do decide on Army, I feel that I could play well in that offense and that I could be an asset as soon as I get there ... and of course, help them win."

Although Wise indicated that he has several D1AA schools that have offered him, the Black Knights remain his only Division I offer thus far.

"Army is very high on my list right now," offers Wise, who remains excited about the Black Knights and who stays in constant contact with the staff. "I love Army and I am visiting November 3rd when they play Air Force.

"I spoke to Army last week. It was with Coach Holmes (Clarence), but nothing too detailed. He asked about my previous game and just normal conversation."

So how close is Wise to making a decision? "I'm thinking at this point I am going to wait to commit after I make the visit to Army, which will be in November," he adds. "My season will be over and I will also see what else (offers) come in. So I am going to wait it out until after I visit Army."

"Actually, I am going to have to make two visits," says Wise, referring to both his November 4th unofficial and an official visit that has yet to be scheduled. "This is to make sure that Army is the right fit for me and I don't think one visit will allow me to make the call."

Wise and his teammates at Alpharetta High School presently have a record of 1-1 going into their upcoming game is against Lovejoy High School (Ga.). will continue to follow Wise throughout his senior campaign.

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